The Sunriver Neighborhood Association (SNA) is a dedicated group of Sunriver neighbors who volunteer their time, talents, and energy to help make Sunriver a better community for us all. Formed in 2000, the SNA focuses on neighborhood issues such as cleanup and beautification, crime prevention, traffic issues, community and social events, providing information and resources to neighbors, collaboration with government entities, and building stronger relationships among neighbors. Whether you own or rent your home, we heartily encourage you to join us in our efforts to enhance and protect our neighborhood.

SNA Operations
The SNA is involved in numerous activities designed to improve our neighborhood, including:

  • providing information and updates to neighbors on topics of general interest, including City, County, and other governmental activities, as well as opportunities to participate in civic affairs
  • providing two-way communication between residents and government agencies
  • conducting neighborhood cleanup and work-party events
  • publishing a website, www.sunriveronline.org, with information, breaking news, and resources specifically for Sunriver residents
  • publishing and delivering a periodic newsletter, the Sunriver Sentinel
  • arranging social and educational events for the neighborhood
  • conducting public neighborhood meetings
  • contributing information to local media
  • operating an email mailing list, or “e-Group,” connecting neighbors and providing an open forum for discussion on a wide range of topics

We invite participation from Sunriver neighbors in any or all of these activities.

What is the SNA?
The SNA is comprised entirely of neighborhood volunteers working to improve our own community. It is not a government agency or commercial enterprise. Participation is welcomed from all residents (owners and renters alike), neighboring businesses, and other groups located in the Sunriver area. We are not a “homeowners association.” We do not create or enforce rules or ordinances.We do not currently collect any dues, though donations are welcome. The SNA is not intended as a marketing or publicity vehicle for any specific business, although some SNA expenses are covered by revenue generated by ads in the Sunriver Sentinel and/or the Sunriver Online website. Currently, we are not a legal entity, nor are we registered as a nonprofit organization with the State of California. The Declaration of Tract Restrictions, also referred to as Community Covenants and Restrictions (“CC&Rs”) which Sunriver property buyers receive, was written by the original property developer, M.J. Brock & Sons. The SNA has no direct association with this document in regard to authorship or enforcement.

Membership in the SNA
Membership is limited to current Sunriver residents (owners and renters alike) and a select few individuals, primarily public officials, admitted on a case-by-case basis. All members are invited to participate in any SNA activity. We encourage individuals to register with the SNA so that a channel of communication (primarily via e-mail) can be established, providing members with breaking news, crime alerts, and neighborhood updates. Participation in the Sunriver e-Group and certain members-only sections of the website is limited to registered SNA members, providing an atmosphere of privacy where neighborhood-specific issues can be openly discussed.

The SNA takes your privacy very seriously, and any contact information obtained via the registration process is not shared with any other organization, business, or individual (except in rare instances when law enforcement has requested contact info to assist the member).

Participation in any SNA activity is completely voluntary. The SNA is not responsible for any injury or loss incurred during participation or as a result of any SNA activity.

Our Neighborhood
The Sunriver neighborhood is located at the northern tip of the new City of Rancho Cordova, California, between Sacramento and the Sierra Nevada foothills. We are bordered by the American River to the north, Sunrise Boulevard to the east, Coloma Road to the south, and other residential areas to the west. Sunriver includes nearly 900 single-family homes, a condominium complex, the Sun River Church, several restaurants, professional offices, a neighborhood shopping center, and Sunriver Park. Our neighborhood adjoins the American River Parkway, a nature preserve along the banks of the river that features family picnic areas and the American River Bike Trail.