Online Community

Our discussion forum and events calendar have been moved to, a platform designed for online communities.

General Group Settings

  • All members can post to the group.
  • Posts to this group do not require approval from the moderators.
  • Messages are set to reply to group and sender.
  • Subscriptions to this group require approval from the moderators.
  • Archives are visible to anyone.
  • Wiki is visible to members only.
  • Members cannot edit their messages.
  • Members cannot set their subscriptions to no email.

Sunriver E-Group Posting Guidelines

The purpose of the e-group is to discuss issues that pertain directly to our Sunriver neighborhood. We are committed to making the e-group a useful and welcoming place for all Sunriver residents and property owners. To that end, here are some simple guidelines for posting messages to the group:

  • Keep it on topic. The purpose of the group is to discuss Sunriver and Rancho Cordova issues – not “liberal vs. conservative” politics, religion, or other divisive subjects. 
  • Keep it original. Please do not forward jokes, urban legends, business offers from foreign princes, etc. to the group. We get plenty of those already…
  • Keep it brief. Concise messages are easier to follow.
  • Keep it polite. We are neighbors; we don’t always agree, but we should always be civil when we disagree.
  • Keep it coming. A lively discussion makes for an interesting and active group.

Click on the link below to access the group as well as register as a user and request to join the group if not already a member.